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It’s funny because I was walking off the sound stage one day and I overheard Rosamund [Pike] talking to Ben [Affleck]. She was saying, “what do you think David saw in my work that made him think of casting me for this role?” Ben said, “I dunno, I couldn’t tell you.” I walked over and said, “The question you should be asking is, what have I seen in Ben’s work that made me cast him.”
I hadn’t seen all of Rosamund’s work. I’d seen four or five things. The Bond movie, Jack Reacher. They always seemed to be two years apart. I was intrigued that, even after seeing four of five movies, I had no sense of her. She was sort-of opaque. In An Education, I even found myself not being aware of what her age was. That was an intriguing thing. Then I met her and she had the most important thing that Amy needed to have, which is that Rosamund was raised as an only child. You just feel it. It’s not that she’s not socialised, but that she’s an orchid. She has that sense. It’s not entitlement, but if you’ve spend your young life being around adults and not other kids, you carry yourself differently. Ben’s thing was that he had lived through this kind of “attention”. You can tell that he has made his peace with it. He has considerable charm. You can tell that’s he’s willing to trade on that. Oftentimes, that can lead to sticky things becoming stickier. And that was key – you have to have that to be Nick. He’s really bright as an actor. He was willing to demean himself.
David Fincher on casting Gone Girl. (via afistfulofculture)

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For the most part, people are either embarrassed or feel it's not their place or their right to impose their sense of how it should be on other people. I've never had that issue.
You seem to have had a vision and a professional strategy from the very start.
I have no plan. I just have interests. Look, I had three movies fall apart in the last two years! And by the way, I don't ever feel like, "Fuck them!" I always feel like if they don't come together, they don't come together for a reason. You can't force a good seduction. You just can't. It either works or it doesn't. And you do not want to be in a two-year relationship with a movie studio that—
That you don't love.
That you don't want to fuck. You can't make movies in spite of the people who are paying for them or in spite of the people who are there to put asses in the seats.

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Do you know if any actors have backed away from working with you because of what they think you’re like?
I’m sure there are people who think I bite the heads off puppies. There’s nothing I can do about that. The relationships that matter to me are always with people who wouldn’t have preconceived notions based on somebody’s work. I gave up worrying about that years ago. I remember giving a quote, “I’ve got demons you can’t even imagine.” It was a joke. It was fun. It was out of context. My parents were always concerned about things I was quoted as saying. My dad thought for a time that I was playing into it.

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Did the process of working in TV change how you worked on Gone Girl?
David Fincher:
No. I don't think so. On House of Cards, we were told that we had to work fast and we couldn't shoot 20 takes. And I did it anyway. It's the only way I know how.